Prospect Bagels

Business card

In 2017, I worked with mobile bagelry Prospect Bagels to design their brand. The small business specialised in New York-style bagels, and only operated at select markets or from the back of a bike box. Having moved to Melbourne from New York City two years earlier, I’d spent a lot of time trying to find the perfect bagel that reminded me of home – chewy, dense, extremely seeded, and topped with a mega amount of cream cheese. I finally found it in Prospect Bagels, which was just starting out.

I designed Prospect Bagels’ brand, consisting of simple elements that don’t try to put anything between you and a getting a bagel in your hands. All of the brand materials (such as the menus, business cards, and paper bags) were made by the owner/operator, just like the bagels themselves: they were printed using a laser printer on thick beige cardstock and were hand-stamped using a potato. This meant that nearly everything about getting a bagel from Prospect Bagels was made by the person selling them, and the brand’s aesthetic implied ‘hand-crafted’ and ‘artisanal’ without actually needing to use those buzzwords.

Unfortunately, Prospect Bagels no longer operates – the owner decided to pursue a PhD, and baking bagels at 3am weren’t conducive to their studies.