When I was a kid, my brother left his university astronomy textbook at my parents’ house one summer break. I was still in primary school, but I was determined to read it – and inspired, I assembled a space museum in a storage space attached to our garage, with drawings and facts about the planets pasted to the walls. Admission was ten cents, and the only visitors were my parents who swung by one time each. In the ongoing quiet periods during opening hours, I sat in the room and (tried to) read as much as I could about space.

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    It’s sad to think that no one ever gifted Hegel a good quality paintbrush, some canvases, and a bunch of nice paints. (Or maybe he was too paralysed by what we today can identify as “perfectionism” to try playing with them?)

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    Crazy to consider how Hot Chip are mortal, i.e. humans just like the rest of us.  Like, this song (even as a mere demo) is Perfect—except for one thing that is so explicitly, glaringly not good that you don’t even need to be in Hot Chip to notice it. And removing it is such an…

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    NASA is launching a streaming service called NASA Plus. Which kind of sounds like it might be a space-themed C-Span that you have to pay for. But will it be free? Yes! Will it have ads? No! (This rules. Like, hell yeah. Welcome to the future!) (Also, I’m not sure the Verge knows what a…

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