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  • Gloomy Shed Studio is an art and design studio based in Melbourne. The Studio is based out of an abandoned workshop, belonging very long ago to a well-known poet and musician. The style is both classical and contemporary, ageing and new at the same time. See more

  • I designed Prospect Bagels’ brand, consisting of simple elements that don’t try to put anything between you and a getting a bagel in your hands. All of the brand materials (such as the menus, business cards, and paper bags) were made by the owner/operator, just like the bagels themselves: they were printed using a laser… See more

My Writing

  • Music Just Ain’t No Good

    An ADOLESCENT sits down to learn to play the guitar. They are about to look up some free video lessons on their phone, but first they check the per-stream royalty rate. A third of a penny. Dejected, the ADOLESCENT packs the guitar away, never to play a single note.

  • Everybody Knows: Revisiting the Music of Leonard Cohen

    I’m frustrated with YouTube. What I’m looking for is a performance by Leonard Cohen, one I haven’t seen before, but on my home page the algorithm is only suggesting things like yoga videos (even though I only watch the same one over and over again) and interviews with Elon Musk (who is the opposite of…

  • Essential for What? Finding Meaning in Play and Pointlessness in Work

    COVID-19 has, like a very bad acid trip, posed some existential questions that the strait-laced neoliberal conscience had been avoiding for decades such as: What’s more important: human life or ‘the economy’? Or, What kinds of work are ‘essential’, and which ones aren’t?

  • Portrait of the artist as an island: how NFTs changed art and ownership

    Mike Winkelmann’s story — the way he tells it, and the way that it’s depicted — is a modern version of the classic story of ‘the artist’.

  • Tech Billionaires Have Sucked the Fun out of Space Movies

    Published in Kill Your Darlings.

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    It’s sad to think that no one ever gifted Hegel a good quality paintbrush, some canvases, and a bunch of nice paints. (Or maybe he was too paralysed by what we today can identify as “perfectionism” to try playing with them?)

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  • #0003

    Crazy to consider how Hot Chip are mortal, i.e. humans just like the rest of us.  Like, this song (even as a mere demo) is Perfect—except for one thing that is so explicitly, glaringly not good that you don’t even need to be in Hot Chip to notice it. And removing it is such an…

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  • #0002

    NASA is launching a streaming service called NASA Plus. Which kind of sounds like it might be a space-themed C-Span that you have to pay for. But will it be free? Yes! Will it have ads? No! (This rules. Like, hell yeah. Welcome to the future!) (Also, I’m not sure the Verge knows what a…

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