Mix #2: Invitations

Late one night in 2021, during lockdown number five or so, Dan and I were drinking and listening to music in our courtyard. I was remembering the feeling of listening to Leonard Cohen as a kid in the car with Munia driving up to Dartmouth. Dan already knew about those long drives, with few to no rest stops, sometimes completed back-to-back — drive up on a Saturday and drive back down on a Sunday. Dan also already knew that Munia had a Leonard Cohen CD she’d often leave on for the entire trip, and that now hearing songs off that CD still brings me back to that back seat. (I wrote about those drives and Leonard Cohen here.)

But Dan and I had never listened to those songs together. So out in our yard, I put on ‘Suzanne’ and then we stayed up until until five am listening to a small handful of Leonard’s songs, over and over again. This kickstarted not only our Year of Leonard Cohen, but also a habit of falling into music rabbit holes that keep us up until the weekend sunrise.

Anyways, whatever. What I’m trying to get to is: here are some invitations.


‘Mix 2: Invitations’ Spotify Playlist

Song List

  1. Cold Feet by Jack Ladder & The Dreamlanders – Hurtsville (2011)
  2. Waiting for the Miracle by Leonard Cohen – The Future (1992)
  3. Fifteen Feet of Pure White Snow by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – No More Shall We Part (2001)
  4. Nail It Down by The Drones – Havilah (2008)
  5. Lazy Line Painter Jane by Belle and Sebastian – Push Barman to Open Old Wounds (2000)
  6. Sweep Me Off My Feet by Pond – The Weather (2017)
  7. Palaces of Montezuma by Grinderman – Grinderman 2 (2010)
  8. Tinseltown Swimming in Blood by Destroyer – ken (2017)
  9. One and Only by Gabriels – single (2022)
  10. Feel Brand New by Jack Ladder – Blue Poles (2018)
  11. Spinning Away by Brian Eno + John Cale – Wrong Way Up (1990)
  12. Mana Takatāpui by Jen Cloher – single (2022)
  13. Why Does My Mind by Hot Chip – A Bath Full of Ecstasy (2019)
  14. Breathless by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Abattoir Blues / The Lyre of Orpheus (2004)
  15. No Difference by Jess Cornelius – Distance (2020)
  16. If I Can Dream by Elvis Presley – ’68 Comeback Special (1968)

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